Overall Aspects of Intellectual Property Right

Patent(Utility Model):
Brief exemplification of patent specification/claim/drawing|Brief opinion on Inventive step|Brief opinion on Technical scop of patented invention|Invalidation trial|Brief search through J-Plat Pat.
Field of Art:Livingwares |Office equipment |Productive/assembly machine |General machines |Transportation |Control Engineering | Mechatronics | Computerized machines |Information processing |Tele-Communication |Elelctric/Elelctronic circuits |Semiconductor |Electric material |Electric machine |Consumer elelctric product | Information-communication equipment | Measurements| Business models.
Design:Brief opinion on Similarlity
Trademark :Brief opinion on Similarity
Copyright : Brief opinion on Infringement
Unfair Competition : Brief opinion
Patent/Technical translation:Desirable translation example for a brief text will be given.