My name is Shuji Moizumi and I marked 70 years of age on March , 2017 corresponding to 35 years as a Japanese patent attorney. So far, I have experienced a large number of Intellectual Property (IP) cases such as preparing more than 3,000 patent specifications including English patent specifications. Meanwhile, as soon as marking the age of 70, I encountered ablatio retinae and so was forced to be hospitalized and operated for the first time of my life. Taking this unluckiness, I have thought about what I can make a contribution to society from now and have found myself to open a home page of Moizumi Patent Office dedicated tor free IP consultations, without belonging to another entity.

This free IP consultation is being carried out solely on the Internet. With an assistance of you, I endeavor to answer your inquiry wherever possible.


March 1947
Born in Tokyo, Ohta-ku.
April 1962 - March 1965
Tama High School of Kanagawa Prefecture.
April 1965 - March 1969
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, majoring in Electric Engeneering.
April 1969 - August 1974
Yomiuri Newspaper Company, editorial department.
August 1974 - March 1987
S. Soga & Co.
April 1987年 - Now
Moizumi Patent Office residing in Yokohama City, Totsuka-ku(registered on November 1983 (No.9001);Specific infringement suit qualified registered on January 2004)
Career of JPAA Board Member:Assembly member (2 years), Auditor (2 years) |Patent Consultant of Yokohama Chamber of Commerce (20 years)

Favorites:Tennis Golf Guitar